Tarot Card Reading

The Major Arcana represent major issues or events in our lives and the Minor Arcana represent the more day-to-day issues
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It`s all in the name! A lucky name spelling can make you successful whereas an unlucky one can mar your efficiency and fill your life with miseries
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Feng Shui

Fengshui for offices and business houses – guide to enhance your business opportunities and grow.
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Classic Mrs. India 2022-23                           

Internationally renowned Astrologer Fengshui Master, Tarot Reader and Vastu Expert Jyoti Arora is crowned as Classic Mrs. India 2022-23, Mrs. India Glittering Goddess 2022-23 and Mrs. India Queen of Social Media 2022-23 in Mrs. India beauty Pageant for Married woman organized by Mrs India Pageants and Productions directed by Ms. Deepali Phadnis. In the Classic category after securing the Top 16 position, her answer on women empowerment earned her the titles. After pursuing a 13 years of successful corporate career with engineering qualification, she entered into the field of Astrology and Feng-Shui. She is spiritually inclined and with blessings of Goddess Tara, Gurus she kept moving forward in these fields. She strongly believes in women empowerment and wants that every girl should get self defense training. Jyoti Arora has also been a very popular face on TV to give accurate predictions on politics, cricket or Bollywood.