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know about Jyoti Arora

Jyoti Arora is an International name in the field of Tarot,Fengshui,Vastu,Vedic astrology and Occult sciences. She is blessed with powers of clairvoyance, a strong intuition and psychic abilities. A senior corporate professional for over 13 years with a sound academic background of B.E. (Electronics& Telecommunication) and a PG. Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising, has worked with Top corporate at very senior Level her whole experience has been in Corporate sales and Channel Management and Team Handling.Its amazing but she turned back on the corporate world at the height of her success to create an even more successful – and fulfilling life for herself and entered the World of Mystic sciences to unfold the secrets of Fortune Telling through Tarot and bringing miraculous positive earth Luck and chi management through Fengshui after learning it from Grand Master Lillian Too.

Her fields of practice are Fengshui, Vastu, Tarot Reading, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Chinese Astrology, Gem recommendation and  Crystal healing. She has been dedicated to these fields for over 7 years. People from all walks of life throng to her for finding remedies.

Be it Love, Relationships, Children, Work, Finance or any other aspect of life, Jyoti is able to quickly relate to the individual’s question and harmonize it with one’s activities in both spiritual and physical ways. Jyoti has been giving   special shows based on her Tarot, Numerology and  fengshui for various News channels like Zee News, IBN 7, Sahara Samay, Indianews, P7 News, India TV, Aaj Tak, Azad News and Voice of India. Currently her TV show “FENG SHUI TIPS” on Top News Channel IBN7 is creating waves and she has become a household name and much sought Celebrity Consultant in the field of Fengshui & Occult Sciences.

She is also on the prestigious panel, as an Astro-consultant, of Astroyogi and Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. And also she is the only Indian providing online services on world renowned world of feng shui website owned by Grand-Master Lillian Too. Jyoti Arora is an in house contributor and columnist to the feng shui world magazine which is the largest selling feng shui based magazine globally.

Jyoti has also been writing for Times of India and Hindustan Times and many regional newspapers on issues related to Fengshui, Tarot and crystal therapy. Jyoti has been imparting consultation to various renowned corporate companies. She successfully turned up business of a number of business houses through Fengshui cures. Not only corporate and business houses but politicians as well as a cross section of the society admire Jyoti’s expertise. Many a deserving people languishing on their stagnant careers found solace when their career graph took a steep upward turn after her remedies. She has helped many individuals to bring positivity and a harmonious personal life as well.